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Universal 2 in 1 Buggy Board (with seat option)


Universal Ride on Buggy Board 2 in 1 (with standing and sitting position). It is perfect addition for your pram. It will allow for comfortable transport of your older child who grew out of the stroller. The board can be used as platform for standing child or as a platform with seat that allow for child’s transport in seating position. The seat has comfortable function of forward tilt that does not require the seat to be completely removed if your child decides to stand and ride like that. The seat has comfortable soft cover filled with special foam that provides comfort to seating child. 

The installation system allow for attaching the board with most of the prams available on the market. The arms of the board can be adjusted in 2 ways: telescopic where the length can be adjusted horizontally. The telescopic adjustment allows the board to be closer or further from the pram’s frame, and horizontal adjustment sets the legs in more narrow or wider position. Additionally the board has arm adjustment in vertically that levels the board in relation to the ground. Mounting the arms to construction elements of the prams is done with special clamps with elastic tapes with adjustable length. 

Solid caoutchouc wheels has shock absorbing system, that makes the board travel quietly and smoothly. The wheels swivel, so the will not lock when turning. The synthetic caoutchouc is elastic wear resistant material. Its additional advantage is much better shock absorbing compared to rubber or other materials used for wheel production. 

The platform of the board is made of solid matte finished material, and its top surface has anti-slippery ribbing. It is very important feature when you travel with a child who stands. 

Versatility is the main advantage of the 2 in 1 board. We have tested it with more than 20 different pram and stroller models. Among them there were multi-function prams and different types of strollers. The board also worked well with twin or year by year prams, so with it it is possible to drive even up to 3 children. Additionally the possibility of attaching, detaching or tilting the seat. 


With or without the seat – a child can be transported on the board in standing or seating position. Additional advantage is tilted seat. 

Universal mounting system – the board can be attached to most prams available on the market with its universal mounting and adjustment in 3 different ways system. 

Caoutchouc wheels with shock absorbing system – caoutchouc perfectly absorbs shocks and makes wheels quiet and is optimal material used for wheels at such size. Additional spring absorbing system makes the Colibro board perfect for the city. 

Swivel wheels system – the wheels swivel which allows the board to turn along with the pram which prevents them from excessive wearing. 

Technical Specification:

Color: Black
Dedication: children from 15 months old up to 20 kg 


Length (accordingly to the arm seating): 38 – 66 cm

Platform width: 41 cm

Arm spread: 30 – 80 cm

Height without the seat: 18 cm

Height with the seat (accordingly to the setting): 43 – 50 cm

Wheel diameter: 12 cm

Weight: 3,8 kg