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Truss Slim Safety Baby Gate


Babies love discovering every inch of the house. Thanks to baby gate Truus Slim parents are always sure that the child is in a safe space.

Truus Slim is a pressure mounted gate so that there is no need to drill walls. High quality materials guarantee quick and reliable installation. Due to sillicone covers installation does not leave marks on the jamb.

Wide mounting range from 75 to 85 cm fits most of standard jambs. Special extension allows you to install the gate wide up to 105 cm. Extensions are perfect if you indend to secure stairs.

Double lock prevents children from opening the gate. In order to eliminate any risk, Truus Slim has no sharp edges.

Truus Slim is equipped with very low treshold – not only does it have 1,5 cm, but also as it was specially designed, you can hide your doorstep inside.

  • Automatic door lock
  • It can remain opened
  • Two opening directions
Height: 78 cm
Width: 75-85 cm (105 cm with extensions)
Warranty: 60 months