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Tommee Tippee Breast like Soother 6-18m


Sucking is a natural reflex; which babies use to feed and comfort themselves. When mum’s breast isn’t available, our Breast-like soother is the next best thing for baby to latch onto in between feeds. Inspired by our award-winning

Closer to Nature teat

This soother is made from super soft silicone that flexes and stretches just like mum, providing breast-like comfort for the most natural soothing experience.

A reassuring alternative to traditional soothers

Our Breast-like soother feels, flexes and stretches just like skin, so there’s less chance of confusion when switching between breast, bottle and soother.

Ultimate comfort for baby soft skin

The breast-like soother curves away from your baby’s face and offers superior ventilation to increase airflow and prevent rashes.

6-18 moths