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Sleep & Grow Sheep Wool Sleeping Bag / Footmuff - chocolate

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In reply to needs of the most demanding parents, our team of designers have created a unique design of a sleeping bag. The sleeping bag no 20 is one of a kind registered product with several applications.
The multifunctional sleeping bag is a reply to changing baby’s needs during his development. Its regulated length makes it suitable to modern prams, strollers, car seats and even on sledges.
The use of sheep wool inside allows natural process of baby’s skin breathing, prevents the baby from overheating his organism and hypothermia. It is a guarantee of a calm and healthy dream. Upon customer’s request the sleeping can have 5 point holes for safety belts.
Sheep wool is a natural and ecological product. Because of many health properties it is used for production of clothes and bedding. The sheep wool used in our sleeping bags is certified by „WOOLMARK EXCELLENCE IN WOOL” certificate issued by The Woolmark Company and complies with all the quality standards for wool products.

Advantages of our wool products:
  • Natural Thermo-regulator - one of the most important advantages of the sheep wool is a fact that in a contact with the human body it gets warm to 36,6 C, it means, to our stable temperature and keeps it on the same level regardless of the environmental conditions, even in a very low temperature.
  • Thermal insulator - wool products prevent the baby from chill in winter time and from overheating his organism on warm days.
  • Hygroscopicity - wool is able to absorb a great amount of sweat and does not give it back in a contact with the human body. Only during airing sheep fleece gives back water and smell, which makes it always fresh.
  • Waterproofness - wool does not let through water from the outside.
  • Antiallergic product - sheep wool is highly recommended to allergy sufferers. Thanks to lanolin wool does not absorb dust and moisture from the outside making its environment unfriendly to mites.
  • Health properties - it has been known for a long time that wool has some health properties. It is an ideal solution for rheumatism, is conducive to traumatic convalescence, softens neuralgia, aching joints and limbs.
SIZES: 83x45cm / 106x45cm