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Silicone Bib with Pocket WILD NATURE - blue


The bib is made of safe and soft silicone. It effectively protects the child's clothing from getting dirty. It is equipped with a big pocket which collects food leftovers. It has an adjustable strap It can be washed in dishwasher. 1 pc in package.


  • The product is dishwasher-safe.
  • Available in several colours.
  • Suitable for children aged 4m+.


Put a bib before meal and adjust straps around child’s neck. When the meal is over, remove a bib. Warning! This product is not a toy. Store unused product out of reach of children.
Keep it clean. After each meal, wipe it with a damp cloth. If needed, wash in warm water with a mild cleaning agent and rinse thoroughly. It is dishwasher-safe. Check the product before each use. Discard if damaged or at first sign of wear and tear.