Rocking Stand for Moses Basket - natural

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The Rocking Stand is a stand designed for Moses baskets.

The cradle skids swing from side to side. Why sideways? The "front-back" movement is a natural movement of the parent carrying the baby and has a positive effect on the vestibular system of the baby's brain (it is closely related to the sensory systems in the body) and there is a lot of this movement in the life of the newborn - because the parent often hugs and carries the baby, while the "right-left" movement stimulates the production of neuronal connections of the brain, which are responsible for the intellectual potential of the child.

Additionally, it is possible to block the cradle with a special brake attached to the skids.

The cradle is made of solid, beech wood. The product has been entirely manufactured in EU.

The cradle has been designed for the use of Moses baskets:

width from 28 to 37 cm.
length of the Moses Basket at a height of 20 cm from 65 to 77 cm

Rocking Stand dimensions:

length 50 cm x width 50 cm x height 50 cm

Rockingbaby cradle meets the PN-EN 1466: 2014 compliance standard


Only place on a stable, level and dry surface.
Do not allow unattended children to play near the basket and cradle.
Do not use the cradle if any part is damaged, worn, or missing.
Use only on a smooth and hard surface.
Do not use the cradle when the baby in the basket is free to roll over from side to side.
Do not use the cradle if the child weighs more than 7 kg in the basket.
Use only original parts from the kit.
Remove all packaging materials before using the cradle.
Do not attach anything to the cradle and its sides, which may adversely affect its stability.
Do not attach items to the cradle and its sides that could adversely affect air circulation or cause suffocation.
If the cradle is not in use, it should be kept away from children and in a position that prevents rocking.
When the cradle is unsupervised, the brakes should be in a position that prevents rocking.
Before each use, the cradle should be checked for faults that could adversely affect the safety during use. In particular, check that the screws are properly tightened.

Only clean the cradle with warm water and a cloth.