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NATURAL NURSING Anti-colic bottle 180ml


  • NATURAL NURSING Collection
    Modern response to babies' natural needs!

    See the benefits of the NATURAL NURSING anti-colic bottle.

    Profiled feeding bottle:

    • the most feminine feeding bottle on the market - specially designed shape at the base, imitating mother's breast,

    • the slimmest anti-colic bottle on the market – the profiled shape of the base facilitates comfortable and stable grip, even for babies' little hands.

    Special teat:

    • unique structure of the teat promotes the natural sucking reflex via appropriate distribution of tensions,

    • anti-colic valve ensures correct air circulation during feeding, thus minimizing the amount of air swallowed by the baby,

    • silicone teat reflecting the shape of mother's breast.


    • high quality of the product; due to the strict adherence to the EU standards and directives, products from the

    Natural Nursing collection are also recommended for newborns,

    • all of the products are BPA free.

    The collection comprises compatible items, so that you can choose the products that currently meet your baby's needs. You can equip the bottle with a soft spout and a handle.

The set includes:
- anti-colic bottle 180 ml NATURAL NURSING
- anti-colic teat, slow (0 m+)
- a bottle sealing disc
- a screw cap