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Multifunctional Physio Feeding Pillow MINI - rowanberry


Discover our collection of Flora & Fauna multifunctional physio mini pillows – a world full of colourful plants and animals! The multifunctional physio mini pillow is the smallest relaxation pillow from Ceba Baby.

A crescent-shaped breastfeeding pillow will come in handy while travelling or while staying at home, thanks to its small dimensions and a special bag it comes in.

The multifunctional physio mini pillow is perfect for making you feel comfortable while breastfeeding or bottle-feeding. Inside the pillow there is a Styrofoam micropearl, which adapts to your body position and takes care of your spine.

The multifunctional physio mini pillow comes in handy when your baby learns to sit up, as it provides the baby with a small supportive nest.

The pillow cover is made of elastic cotton knitwear (95% cotton and 5% elastane), which is a durable and long-lasting fabric. A colourful digital printed design is extremely durable and the super soft fabric that this product is made of makes using it a pleasurable experience.

Dimensions: 180 x 33 cm