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Marla Travel System - niagara (DISPLAY MODEL)

€340.00 €490.00

RIKO MARLA is a modern multifunctional stroller (2 in 1 or 3 in 1) which connects simple form with exceptional functionality.

Large carrycot provides comfort for a baby until the seat unit is in use. The carrycot cover callar is attached with magnets so you can look inside the carrycot quietly not waking the baby up unlike loud velcros or snap buttons.

MARLA can be easily folded with the seat on and it takes little space. Modern light wheels with PU tyres give a modern look to the stroller and provide good suspension. The PU wheels are much more resistant than air tyres. The soft covers are mede of PU learther and soft melange fabrics in modern pastel colours.

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Features of the Marla stroller: 
  • modern multifunctional stroller with the possibility of assembly of the 0+ Kite ISOFIX Ready car seat. 
  • light aluminum frame, 
  • large comfortable gondola with cotton padding and adjustable backrest, 
  • external backrest adjustment in the gondola, 
  • seat in a walking version with the possibility of mounting in front and back to the direction of travel, 
  • adjustable footrest, 
  • 4-stage adjustment of the backrest of the seat, including the lying position, 
  • an additional mattress on the seat made of soft fabric, 
  • multistage adjustment of the seat box with an additional section allowing to tilt the booth forward, 
  • cover for children's feet, 
  • 5-point seat belts, 
  • an additional stepper belt fastened to the safety barrier, 
  • safety barrier with the possibility of tilting to the side, 
  • footrest and railing trimmed with practical ecological leather, 
  • trolley guide trimmed with ecological leather, 
  • adjustable footrest height, 
  • a large shopping basket with a practical cover, 
  • easy access to the shopping basket, 
  • a large practical bag mounted on the trolley guide, 
  • a rain cover that matches the version with a gondola and seat, 
  • mosquito net for the gondola, 
  • changing bag, 
  • innovative ball bearings made of polyurethane, 
  • amortization system of front ASS wheels, 
  • HDA suspension hardness adjustment system, 
  • Quick QRS front wheel disassembly system, 
  • front self-aligning wheels with the possibility of locking for a straight ride, 
  • central parking brake. 
Technical data: 
Dimensions [cm] 
  • Striped frame with wheels: 60x102x109
  • Complex frame with wheels: 60x79x32 
  • The adjustment range of the guide: 70-115 
  • Guide height in upright position: 102
  • Internal dimensions of the gondola: 20x74x35
  • Seat width: 31
  • Height of the backrest: 49
  • Depth of the seat: 25
  • The length of the footrest: 22
  • Wheel diameter (before / under): 24/29 
Weight [kg] 
  • The frame itself with wheels: 8.9 
  • Gondola: 4.8 
  • Seat: 5.9 
  • Car seat: 4.0 
Group car seat* 0 + / 0-13kg 
  • Group 0+ car seat with Marla stroller adapters 
  • adapted for installation in a car on the original ISOFIX basis 
  • 3-point seat belts 
  • adjustment of the position of the carrying handle 
  • the possibility of removing the upholstery for washing detachable booth 
  • cover for legs, mosquito net, mattress 
  • the possibility of mounting on the Marla trolley frame using adapters 
  • has the European ECE R44 / 044 homologation
* Car seat must be purchased separately.

** You can purchase adaptors for Maxi Cosi Cabrio, Citi Cybex Aton, CloudBeSafe Izigo Kiddy Evolution Pro 2 Avionaut Kite car seats.