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LAMI Electric Rocker - dark grey


I would like to introduce an electrical LAMI rocker, which will give some relax to you and a comfortable resting and playing space to your baby. 


  • Stable aluminum and steel structure, 
  • Lightweight, 
  • Removable upholstery, which can be hand-washed,
  • Bluetooth unit to play your favorite music from your phone,
  • Two rocker supply ways (power supply or batteries),
  • 5-step rocking scope adjustment, 
  • Rocking mimics the natural child's movements in the womb,
  • 10 integrated melodies with volume control,
  • Adjustable rocking time – 8, 15 or 30 minutes,
  • Adjustable 5-point safety belts, 
  • Attached canopy, 
  • Mosquito net, 
  • Two toys attached with Velcro,
  • Profiled seat,
  • Soft head pillow,
  • Velvet inner lining,
  • Non-slip pads, 
  • Silent engine operation, 
  • Remote control,
  • Fast installation with no tools required, 
  • Compact dimensions when folded 

Product: weight 3.3 kg 

Standards: EN16232 

Manufacturer’s guarantee: 24 months