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LOVI Silicone Soother (Buddy Bear) mini 0-2m


Dynamic nipple

Made of heterogenous silicone layer, which enables shrinking and expanding with the baby’s suckling motions; symmetrical shape of the teat is based on the nipple’s structure.

Small, light shield

Adapted to a newborn’s mouth. Contoured shape enables the child to breathe through the nose all the time. Safe materials without bisphenol A.

Shield holes

Enable free flow of air and prevent the baby skin from irritating.

Comfortable handle

Facilitates grabbing and giving the soother to the child. In versions with white ring, it glows in the dark which makes it easy to find.

Hygenic cover

Prevents the teat from staining.

In Set:
LOVI Dynamic Soother® (2 pcs)
hygienic nipple cover (2 pcs)
capsule for hygienic soother storage


  • Pouring boiling water
  • Sterilization with boiling water
  • Sterilizer
  • Do not wash in the dishwasher