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LOVI Self Sterilizing Bottle 250 ml


LOVI Self Sterilizing Bottle is safe for breastfed children, because it does not disturb the suckling reflex. Equipped with a specially designed top which allows the sterilisation of the bottle and its component in a microwave oven in just 90 seconds. Just pour an appropriate amount of water into the top, insert the cap and the soother with the handle attached, connect the bottle (by clicking it in) and insert into the microwave oven. After a moment the bottle is ready.

REMEMBER: LOVI brand recommends breastfeeding as the healthiest method for feeding. Alternative feeding methods should be used after consulting a doctor, midwife or pharmacist if breastfeeding is impossible or insufficient. 

  • Allows quick sterilisation in a microwave

  • Does not disturb the suckling reflex

  • Enables easy combination of breastfeeding and feeding from the bottle

  • Enables proper suckling-swallowing-breathing coordination

  • Provides proper mouth and tongue muscle work

  • Enables proper suckling rhythm


BPA-free  3plus

Microwave friendlyMicrowave friendly
Sterilization with boiling waterSterilization with boiling water
Pouring boiling waterPouring boiling water