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Do you want your child to rest in a comfortable carrycot and spend time comfortably during walks? Choose Lazzio baby pram with carrycot (you can add car seat and adaptors to create 2 in 1 travel system for your little one).

We manufacture LARGE carrycots and STABLE frames which will ensure the comfort of your baby. At the same time, our prams comply with European standards and passes strict safety tests.


The main task of our frame is to carry your child safely and reduce the shocks he/she may feel when walking. We want to give your baby the best possible experience from the moment he or she is born. A comfortable pram means more peaceful sleep and more smiles on the faces of both parent and child.

What solutions have we used?

Aluminium frame - stable and strong

The frame material is lightweight but strong aluminium. It is easy to push and drive and stable. It does not sway from side to side or creak. You can carry your child safely and the pram will last for many years.

The suspension of the rear wheels and side suspension

The suspension of the rear wheels and additional side suspension will ensure that your child does not feel too much shock when travelling. Even the most bumpy surfaces won't disturb your child's sleep. It also helps to rock your little one when you want to calm them down quickly.
You can simply turn the side suspension off or on, adjusting the stiffness to the weight of your child and the pram to the surface you're travelling over.

Stop&Drive System – safe and efficient parking

The strong brake is located in the central part between the rear wheels. You can safely park and take the baby out of the pram if necessary. You don't have to worry about the pram rolling away on its own when pulling the baby out.

Adjustable handle covered with eco-leather

The pram has an adjustable handle bar, which means you can adjust it to your height. This makes it comfortable to drive for both taller and shorter people. The handle bar is covered with eco leather, which makes it non-slip in your hands.

Large gel wheels - travel in safety and comfort

  • Large wheels (22 and 28 cm) - rides well on sand, mud, snow or riding up on the kerb. Thanks to them you will ensure your child with a comfortable walk outdoors in all conditions and on all surfaces.
  • Gel wheels. We don't want you to worry about pumping the wheels, which is why our wheels are made of gel. You won't puncture a wheel while walking either, and the pram will always be ready to use.  
  • The front wheels swivel 360°, but you can also lock them in the forward position.  The pushchair is manoeuvrable, so you can turn, steer and swing without any problems. The wheels also make it easier to move around home.


The carrycot is the place where your baby spends the first months of his or her life. It is obvious  that it must be spacious, comfortable and safe. Our pram is exactly like that

Large carrycot

Our carrycot is large and its sides are padded with soft material. Thanks to that every child has enough space to lay in it as they wish. Whatever the season and however many clothes they're wearing.

Adjustable backrest

The carrycot has an adjustable backrest. You can adjust it by means of a knob on the underside of the pram, which is easy to access. You can gently raise your baby's head. This is especially useful when your baby is not yet sitting up, but would like to see mum and the world around them. It also helps with babies who have spitting.

For all weathers

The carrycot is suitable for both summer and winter use. In summer you can open the ventilation window in the canopy (lockable with a zip) - this will ensure fresh air for your child on warmer days. The canopy has a small sun-roof which protects against the sun's rays, but also against the wind. In winter you can add a foot cover included to each set.