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JOY Travel Cot with accessories - blue


Peaceful sleep even when away from home
  • The JOY travel cot with accessories is a real operations centre. The practical accessories allow you to tend to your little one on trips. The two mattress levels enable you to tailor the level to your child's development and needs, and the special function lets you quickly transform the cot into a cradle. See for yourself why it's a must-have!

  • Functions:
  • - Quick folding

    JOY is, first and foremost, a travel cot. It has a quick folding and unfolding mechanism that allows you to save time while you're frantically packing.

    - Two mattress levels

    In JOY with accessories, you can adjust the height of the base. This provides relief for your back because you don't have to bend over too far, and allows you to tailor the height of the mattress to your youngster's development.

    - Rocking function

    The JOY travel cot can be transformed into a cradle in just a few moments. The gentle rocking will soothe your baby and make it easier for them to fall asleep when away from home.

    - Interactive mobile

    The cot comes with a mobile with sound, lights and toys. It encourages your child to concentrate and stretch out their hands to reach the toys. It stimulates their senses and will keep them entertained for longer.

    - Accessories

    Changing mat and organiser are included

    - Mesh sides

    The mesh sides let you keep an eye on your youngster while ensuring they have adequate air flow even on hot nights.

    - Wheels

    The rear legs have wheels to make moving the cot from one place to another a breeze. Each wheel features a sturdy brake.

    - Side access

    When your little one gets older, the side access, which closes with a zipper, lets them get out of the cot on their own. They'll feel confident if you allow them a moment of independence.

    - Bag

    The bag makes the cot easy to transport. It folds to a compact size (76 x 20 x 20 cm), meaning JOY will easily fit into a car boot.