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Iso-Fix Car Seat Base


ISOFIX base for 0+ car seat OPTIMO/SOUL/CARLO

The ISOFIX base makes assembling and disassembling of the car seat faster and more stable. The base can be installed permanently with ISOFIX connectors as well as seat belts and only the car seat needs to be installed and removed at all times. Installing and removing the car seat can be made with one move. The base ensures more stable position of the car seat.


  • ISOFIX base for 0+ car seats OPTIMO/SOUL/CARLO
  • possibility of installing using ISOFIX system or seat belts,
  • fast installation and removal,
  • adjustable angle of the support,
  • adjustable height of the support,

DIMENSIONS (without the support):
Width: 38 cm
Length: 62 cm
Height: 12 cm
Weight: 6,8 kg