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InnoGIO Sonic Toothbrush for children Giraffe - blue

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Unique sonic toothbrush for children

Sonic toothbrush for childrenGIOgiraffe supports the habit of proper tooth cleaning from an early age.

The unique and original three-dimensional silicone surface is pleasant to the touch and provides a comfortable grip, and the shining head in 7 colors encourages children to reach for the brush.

Brushing for comprehensive oral hygiene

The soft bristles of the head made of DuPont material, with a rounded tip, are characterized by resistance to damage and wear, ensuring thorough and gentle cleaning of children's teeth. The size of the head is adapted to children from 2 to 12 years old.

GIOgiraffe has 4 pre-programmed power modes that help to properly brush teeth at any age: the first mode - 7 colors, the second mode - gentle brushing, standard brushing and strong brushing.

Amazing brush design

Colorful illumination and a cheerful design in the shape of animals will make children love brushing their teeth and develop a healthy habit.

The light and ergonomic handle makes it easier for children to start with self-hygiene of the oral cavity, and the silicone surface prevents the brush from slipping.