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INNO GIO GioLittle Unicorn Night Lamp with Projector


GIOLittle Unicorn lamp It belongs to the InnoGIO lamp family.
GIOLittle Unicorn will be a friend of your child both at night and also during everyday games.
The lamp with the projector will make your child love her immediately.
It has two buttons built into the base.
One changes colors, the other we can change the light intensity.
The lamp lights in 3 colors: white, yellow and blue.
The lamp base has a built-in battery charged with a micro USB cable (included).
This form of charging allows charging anywhere, even when traveling.
When fully charged, the unicorn will glow for up to 6 hours.
The lamp is completely safe for the baby, made of flexible BPA-free silicone.
It doesn't heat up. Her soft touch makes children eager to hug her.
The child can hug her at will, and she will return to her shape after a while.

Size: 140 x 123 x 177 mm