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INNO GIO GioKitty Maxi Night Lamp


Illuminate your child room with joyful InnoGIO night lights!

The magical light of the lamp that will accompany your child in the land of dreams! The happy Bunny design of the lamp will make that child will love it immediately.

Lamp InnoGIO from the Bunny series. Perfect for a children's room and also ideally suited to travel. Bunny will be a great companion for your child while growing up. The friendly and cheerful design of the lamp will make your child love her immediately. A soft and calming glow of light will bring the right atmosphere to the child's room. The changing colors of lights will help your child fall asleep easily, overcoming all nightmares of darkness..

The soft material from which the lamp is made ensures the safety of use even for the smallest children. In contrast, the change of color - by touching the lamp with your hand will ensure great fun not only during the evening ritual of falling asleep.


Input voltage 5V 1000mA
Power 1,5W
Accessories USB cable, remote controller
Product dimensions (L x W x H) 20,50 x 20,50 x 25,50 cm