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INNO GIO GioCloud Silicone Wall Night Lamp


A piece of heaven for your baby!

GIOcloud is one of the newest models of InnoGIO lamps. The cute little cloud, shining in 8 colors, is perfect for a child's little hands.

The friendly and cheerful design of the lamp will make your child love it immediately. The cozy glow of light will bring the right atmosphere to the child's room, and the change of colors using the remote control will ensure great fun.

Safety and fun

The soft, flexible BPA-free silicone from which the lamp was made ensures the safety of use even for the smallest children. The lamp does not heat up. Its delicacy to the touch makes children very happy to hug it.

The lamp is equipped with a practical and functional remote control, which can not only change the color of the LED light, but also turn the lamp on and off and change the intensity of the light.

Practical and functional lamp!

The GIOcloud lamp can be mounted on any surface, also on the wall, thanks to the functional sticker on the lid of the product or the practical holes on the back of the lamp.

The built-in rechargeable battery allows you to quickly and conveniently charge the lamp using a micro USB cable - included in the set.