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Greet stroller 2 in 1 with a bassinet - DISPLAY MODEL (SALE)

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Stroller 2 in 1 with a bassinet Greet Stroller

Greet Stroller with a soft bassinet is a great expression of closeness with a child in a form of a convenient, stylish stroller. Cocooning seat combined with a frame provide great versatility and the possibility of celebration of every moment.

In order to provide comfort, the stroller is equipped with 2 backrest adjustment systems – traditional 4-level from sitting to lying position without waking the child up an unique stepless system and an innovative knob. Greet Stroller also allows the parent to adjust the footrest and the handle. The seat might be installed forward facing or rearward facing – so the child can feel safe with a parent or observe the world.

Greet Stroller has also innovative panoramic air circulation system that due to transparent nets encourages the baby to explore new fascinating locations during walks. Air circulation is fully adjustable so that it might be used even in cold, windy days.

Driving comfort is provided by elastic wheels with improved durability. Made of high-quality PU material, are tubeless, maintenance-free and cannot be pierced. Wheels are equipped with a central brake with signaling.

Aluminium frame with anodized trim guarantees that the stroller is damage-resistant and will shine for years.

Set contains a stylish and spacious bag for a parent, mattress, universal frame adapters and a mosquito net compatible with Greet rigid carrycot.

Age: 0-36 months
Weight range: up to 15 kg
Dimensions: 60 x 86 x 107 cm
Warranty: 60 months
This product is not suitable for running or skating.

Greet can be purchased with many combinations as a:

  • 2 in 1 stroller with soft bassinet
  • 3 in 1 stroller with soft bassinet and hard base carrycot
  • 3 in 1 stroller with soft bassinet and a car seat (0-13kg)
  • 4 in 1 stroller with soft bassinet, hard base carrycot and a car seat (0-13kg)