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Double-Sided Stroller Liner - ELEPHANT WORLD

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Double-sided stroller liner has multiple slots that fit most stroller straps.

It protects your child’s skin from abrasions. The stroller liner will improve the comfort of travelling thanks to its soft filling. It will also protect the seat cover from dirt. It is perfect for a long walks during warmer or colder days, assuring your baby a comfortable journey.

The liner is equipped with universal holes for safety belts, so it is compatible with most popular stroller brands. The shape of the liner makes it easy to install and remove.

The liner is double-sided, with pattern on one side and one colour on the other.

Advantages of the liner: easy to take in and out of the stroller. Helps to keep the stroller clean. Acts as a barrier between stroller’s artificial upholstery and child’s sensitive skin, prevents abrasion.

Easily adapts to the height of the child as multiple slots fit most stroller straps.

Dimensions length: approx. 85 cm, width at the widest point: approx. 36 cm.

Composition: design side: 95% linen, 5% elastane. Filling: 100% polyester.