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Butterfly Stroller Pillow - lazy


Free the colors is the tagline of our newest collection. Butterfly-shaped pillow from Candy Andy collection is intended for babies. It is an anti-shock pillow, which has been designed to ensure safety and comfort of our little one during walks or travel. Our pillow was shaped intentionally. It has been profiled so that the baby’s head lies between the two wings of the pillow. Thanks to this solution the head is supported and protected from falling down, tilting to one side or against shocks, which we may encounter while driving or taking our baby out for a walk. One side of our double-sided pillow is made of 100% cotton fabric which is skin-friendly, and the other one of soft velvet.

The pillow is filled with anti-allergic silicone polyester, which makes it flexible and shock-absorbing. It is easy to keep clean as you can easily wash it in a washing machine. Thanks to modern technology, material reveals the colors in the sun completely changing the total look of the product. It is not magic, it is the colorful world of Ceba Baby.