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Blanket & Pillow Set - Lolly Polly Llama

€34.00 €39.00

Free the colours! A beautiful baby blanket from the new Candy Andy collection perfectly cover your baby from the first days of life while sleeping or walking on cooler days.

It will also work as a substrate for fun giving convenience and comfort, as well as providing warmth. Its performance guarantees that it will not irritate the baby's delicate skin and allow it to breathe.

Thanks to the wide range of colors, everyone will find something for themselves, the blanket will perfectly complement the look of a child's room, cradle or pram. Blanket included with the pillow. The pillow will provide comfort to the baby giving pleasant and soft ground. The blanket does not crease, it does not require ironing. It is filled with non-woven fabric. Give your child the best!

Thanks to modern technology used outside the material, colors under the influence of sunlight acquire saturated and beautiful colors, changing the appearance of the entire product. It's not magic, it's a colourful world.

Baby blanket 75x100 cm with a 30x45 cm pillow. Machine wash at 30 degrees, drying flat. Use gentle detergents that do not contain substances such as chlorine or bleach.