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Bath Towel EcoVero Line - moonbeam


NEW among Ceba Baby towels! A delicate, fluffy and super absorbent towel is a must-have for every baby layette. From the beginning of our existence in Ceba Baby, we pay great attention to the comfort of babies, especially after their bath. A baby's skin needs a soft and delicate cover, which is what our towels provide. LENZING ™ ECOVERO ™ fibers are a special, certified type of viscose, which is produced with a lower negative human impact on the environment than standard viscose material. Eco-solutions are used for its production, which has an impact on a cleaner environment. Together, we care not only for children, but also for their future. Our ECOVERO towels are dedicated to sensitive and allergic skin, they are soft and fluffy, perfectly absorb water, protect against bacteria and prevent their development. The product is LENZING ™ ECOVERO ™ certified. The production of LENZING ™ ECOVERO ™ fibers allows up to 50% reduction in water consumption and CO2 emissions compared to the production of conventional viscose fibers.

Bath towel:

  • Dimensions: 100 x 100 cm
  • 300g/m2
  • Decorative application