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Bath stand


Universal* stand for baby bathtub provides comfort and does not affect                                an adult spine.
• Dedicated for 86cm (available separately here), 102cm and 102 LUX bathtub.
• 10cm higher than a standard bath stand.
• Made of a high-quality materials.
• An anti-slip legs provide sturdiness and safety.
• Thanks to a folding option the stand does not take a lot of space.

!Bath not included.


Maximum weight - 30kg (maximum water capacity - 10l). Make sure that stand stands on straight, not slippery surface. Do not place the stand near the sources of electricity. Before bath always check stability of the stand. Regularly check condition of all items of the stand (do not use it if you notice any damage).

*Fits all baths (except Clevamama Sink Bath) available at