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Baby swing ROBIN - beige

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Lionelo Robin is a perfect solution for those children whose parents seek a product that supports correct and harmonious development of their babies.  It is an amazing device that allows your child to rest during the day. The chair is made of top quality materials and is distinguished by a modern design and lovely colours.

  • Adjusts the swinging range to the weight of the child. Anti-slip stems prevent the chair from accidental moves.
  • The swing chair has 12 built-in tunes so that you can play music that will soothe your baby to sleep.
  • Sound Detect – it detects a child’s cry and starts swinging automatically.
  • Bundle includes airy mosquito net that fully protects your child from insect bites.

Dimensions: 68 x 67 x 83,5 cm
Weight range: up to 9 kg
Warranty: 36 months