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Anton RWF iSize Car Seat 0-18kg


Antoon RWF is a baby car seat that reliably combines comfort and high-quality materials with the highest safety standards, which is confirmed by the i-Size approval. Its undeniable advantage is the ability to transport a baby rearward facing throughout the entire period of using the seat, i.e. until the child reaches 105 cm (or weighs about 18 kg).

In the Antoon RWF model, we used a 360-degree rotatable base, which not only provides the child with greater travel comfort, but also makes it easier to place and take the child out of the seat. Its modern design allows you to transport your baby from the first days of their life.

The installation of the Antoon RWF seat is easy and quick, which is reliably supported by the ISOFIX system and a support leg. The little traveler is protected by 5-point belts with additional pillows to prevent skin abrasion and non-slip pads. In order to raise the safety standards, the Antoon RWF seat has been equipped with a belt buckle made by the Swedish company Holmbergs.

We have enriched the durable structure of the seat with energy-consuming materials and SIPS side reinforcements, as well as a reinforced, adjustable headrest. For the youngest, we have added a foam pillow made of high-quality memory foam, material that flexibly adapts to the shape of the child’s head. The Antoon RWF offers 5 levels of adjustment of the backrest, including 4 positions forward facing and 1 rearward facing. The seat set includes a lumbar insert that protects the spine and allows the baby to maintain the correct position of the back, as well as a Dri-Seat insert that ensures optimal air circulation.

Antoon RWF has i-Size approval, which confirms that the seat meets the European safety standards R129, documented by the TÜV certificate. This means that the seat has successfully passed rigorous tests simulating front, side and rear impacts when installed with the ISOFIX system and the support leg. 

  • Weight range: 0 – 18 kg
  • Height range: 40 – 105 cm
  • i-Size approval
  • 360-degree rotatable base – the ability to travel forward and rearward facing
  • SIPS side reinforcements and headrest reinforcements
  • Construction made of energy-consuming materials
  • Installation using the ISOFIX system and support leg
  • Adjustable backrest and headrest
  • Belts adjustment integrated in the headrest
  • Holmbergs belt buckle
  • Lumbar and Dri-Seat insert
  • Soft, pleasant-to-touch and easy-to-clean upholstery materials
  • Detachable canopy
Weight range: 0-18 kg
Installation: forward and rearward facing
Warranty: 60 months
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