Dear Customer,  

Thank you for choosing to shop with Little Baby Shop. We look forward to helping you with all your newborn babies needs. 

By leaving a deposit with us you are now entering an agreement with us.

We ask you to read our Terms and Conditions regarding our Deposits Policy below: 

  • when placing an order with us we ask that you leave a 10% deposit of all orders value over €500 or €50 of all orders under €500 to secure and place your order. This deposit is non-refundable if a customer changes there mind or cancels an order after the order has been placed by us to the manufacturer.
  • the remainder of your payment must be paid before your order is collected or delivered. You can pay your remainder on a weekly or a monthly basis.
  • when placing an order with us we ask you to choose an approximately date to suit you in which you would like to collect or have your item/s delivered to your home.
  • once your balance is paid in full, we will organise a collection or delivery date that suits you best.
  • we prepare and have all orders ready to be collected or delivered roughly 2-3 weeks before the date chosen just in case you may need them earlier than expected. But we ask you to keep in mind orders placed with our manufacturer can take up to 21 days to arrive in to our store. This is why we ask you to choose your date carefully as last minute changes may not always be suitable.
  • if a customer has not been in contact with us for MORE than 2 weeks after the agreed upon collection or delivery date / regarding an outstanding payment / collection or delivery arrangements etc. we have the right to cancel an order or sell these products (in this case the customer must then wait for a new delivery which can take up to 21 working days ).