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Assemble service

Assembling service* at Little Baby Shop
Our furniture comes with instruction and step by step guideline how to assemble product correctly however if you don’t have time or simply you are worried that you won’t be able put item together in correct way we offer you support and give you guarantee. Our professional partner will come to your house and assemble purchased item in perfect way.
We have several different option for assemble service.
We offer different service depends what item you have purchased:
  Travel System / Stroller   €20
  Moses Basket   €25
  Cot/Cradle €30
  Changing Unit / Wooden Highchair       €40
  Wardrobe / Cabinet €50

Assembling service 

* Please bear in mind this service is only available for items purchased in the store, does not include item being purchase online and we offer this service with 20km range from Drogheda.