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LOVI Diamond Glass Bottle - Boy Baby Shower 150 ml

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Natural material (glass).
Durable and light borosilicate glass allows to maintain longer the milk's temperature. Easy to clean, perfectly transparent and fully recyclable. Resistant to temperature shifts (freezing, heating).

LOVI Glass Bottle with Dynamic Feeding Teat® safe for breastfeeding does not disturb the suckling reflex. Made from high quality natural material: borosilicate glass (BPA 0%). Very durable and resistant to scratching. Provides high hygiene level and maintains food temperature for a long time. Suitable for all LOVI breast pumps.
  • Nature-friendly
  • Durable and hygienic
  • Maintains food temperature for long time 
  • Safe for breastfeeding (does not disturb the suckling reflex.
  • Manufactured from a natural, healthy material: borosilicate glass (BPA 0%)
    Set contains:
    • glass bottle
    • Dynamic Teat®
    • elastic sealing disk
    • feeding cup with scale


    medicaly-tested  BPA-free  0plus  flow-mini
    Do not wash in the dishwasherDo not wash in the dishwasher
    Microwave friendlyMicrowave friendly
    Pouring boiling waterPouring boiling water
    Sterilization with boiling waterSterilization with boiling water