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Baby Monitor EasyStart

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Stay in touch with your baby, even when you're in another room. The EasyStart baby monitor has a range of up to 50m indoor and 300m outdoor. Thanks to the sensitive microphone, you can hear every sound coming from your baby's surroundings. The device has 5 levels of receiver volume, which makes it easier to adjust the frequency of the sounds. You can also completely turn off the sound signal, and be only notified by flickering lights. With the 5-step sensitivity control, you know whether your baby needs you immediately or you can stay busy with other activities. Not only will the light and sound signal alert you when yor baby cries, but also when the device has a low battery or the connection between units is lost. The Eco Control mode not only saves energy but also, while the baby is sleeping, minimizes the emission of high-frequency waves down to zero.